Sunday, December 12, 2010


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A story i had to tell....

I got into a relationship about 14months ago when I met this girl Kimberly Mak Tsin Tib, we soon found ourselves in a relationship. But right off the bat her past came to haunt us, one of her recent ex-boyfriends came to confront her.

He stormed into the house where we were together and started saying all kinds of things about their and her past, im not sure how much of it was true as he was saying she had been sleeping around with a lot of guys and that her nature would be to leave me for another guy when she gets to UK.

but I stood by and protected her when he started to get violent, forcing her to kiss him. I called the cops when he just refused to go away. He did show up repeatedly for a while, obviously very upset of how their relationship ended. Finally after some time he ceased to bother us and we could get on with our lives.

We got on quite well with ourselves, enjoying time together and with our families going on trips etc.. we were happy with where we were, or so I thought. Then came the time for her to leave for the UK, many times had she just wanted to end our relationship. To me that appeared as just taking the easy way out, I tried to preserve what was important to me and so I thought we should try to maintain our relationship.

6 months went by and it was time for her to fly off, another 6months went by when she was there and we had our ups and downs. We planned a trip for me to go over there and we would travel around UK together a month from now in the summers before I transfer there to complete my studies a few months later.

We started to argue more as she said I was being such a negative person showing my unhappiness towards the distance in between us and it was affecting her. Each time we talked things through and I asked her to just always be honest with me if there is another party involved so at least I know im not wasting my time or hers for that matter. But she said no, there was nobody else.

I knew that she was getting close with one of her housemates so I asked about him and she would answer " he is just like my bro, we just have fun together, there is no way we would have a relationship, besides i got u!"

Recently she went to his hometown, spending time together with him and his family. After that things got tense between us, she felt affected by my negativity and suggest that we ‘put the relationship on hold’, at that point I questioned her again about that guy and she answered the same as before. So after talking we decided to take things slowly.

But something seemed very wrong and so I did something I am not proud of. It wasn’t too difficult to guess her skype password and there I found the truth.

When I confronted her, she confessed and said it has been going on for a while, even before she followed him back to his hometown. She said that I made her sad and he was there when there was nobody else to lean on. She said her feelings for him were more than for me.

She said she still loves me and wants to try and work things out,but when I asked if she is in a relationship with him, she said yes.

She said "it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it is me she will come back to, because he was leaving for France".

It was only a few nights earlier we confirmed the hostel we were going to stay in when I came to visit her there, only later I found out that she already made plans to go back to his hometown first and then from there come meet me when I arrive in London.

At this point I was quite speechless. I asked her to choose between me or him, she chose me and said she would end things with him.

Just an hour later after talking to a ‘friend’ she changed her mind, thus ending our relationship. She ended with " i spoke to Gell and i think its important tht im happy in a relationship,and im not happy with i had to do this sooner or later.this is good for both of us.and at the end of the day. ‘your just a boy and I have a future ahead’."

Fair enough but is that justification to cheat on me.

Do you not see your own disgust? You are the vile essence that has transformed me into a being so consumed by hate, capable of writing this.

You have tainted the person that was once me.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Dear Kim,

Following our conversation yesterday, I am emailing to confirm that we are offering you the opportunity to complete a 2-week summer placement starting on Monday the 12th July till Friday the 23rd of July 2010.

I will be in touch again to finalise details however I would be grateful if you could confirm your acceptance of this offer by email at your earliest convenience

Kind regards

Dupe Fagbenro
Education & Training Pharmacist

Pharmacy Department
Milton Keynes Hopsital NHS Foundation Trust


*joydance* :) :) :)  

woopwoop! :D

kthxbai :p

Monday, April 19, 2010

My perfectly Brummie weekend :)

So I spent a weekend in Birmingham,
visiting Chris and having a tour around
He brought me to markets,
where we had fresh prawns with vinegar
(apparently quite a specialty)
which was more pleasant than I thought it would be :)
Then we took a whirlwind tour 
of the streets of Birmingham...
which was really nice,
and I met the Iron Man
 and took a photo with the famed bull of the Bull Ring Market :)
Then we took a train to Bournville,
where Cadbury World was situated :)
The moment you were within 500 metres
of the Cadbury factory,
the air was already filled 
with the sweet smell of chocolate.

Imagine wafts of chocolatey breeze blowing at you! :D
Yep, that was crazy awesome,
being around soooo much chocolate :)

Then at night we went out with some of Chris' friends,
eeyup, loadsa fun there :)
haven't been to any bars or clubs since I got to the UK,
so this was indeed a pleasant night out,
although we hit like 3 places in one night, but what the hell right :)

Spent the next day with his family,
Had a snack at a nice place called Red Peppers,
His parents are super nice people :)
Shame he's a bit insane :p
Haha :D

Then we visited BBC Birmingham,
Where you could experience being on TV and stuff :)
Yep that was fun :)

Then we went to a nice bar in the countryside,
called The Orange Tree for a drink :)
His dad looks a bit like a mafia boss ;)
lolx :D
That was a really pretty place :)
and the weather was wonderful too!
Plenty of sun and breeze... mmm :)

Oh then we went to this really fantastic place
called Panache for dinner :)
... and the food tastes as good as it looks!
Mmmm :) thoroughly enjoyable!

Then the next day,
we just bummed around at home 
until it was time for me to leave...

Chris' dad was supposed to send me
to Birmingham New Street to catch the 3:49pm train.

We left at about 3:15pm,
supposedly going to New Street,
but at 3:49pm we were still on the motorway,
and I thought I missed my train
and would have to take the next one which was an hour later.

So I was a bit chuffed and all that,
but it was a small matter and my spirits were still high.
Until like 5 minutes later, 
when I started seeing signs pointing to Nottingham on the motorway =.=

I was like, wuuuuuut, why are we 14 miles from Notts?

Apparently his parents thought it'd be safer
to drive me aaaaall the way back to Notts from Brums,
instead of having me taking trains with all the Brummie nutters.

Chris didn't know about their plan either when we set off,
until about 10 mins into the journey,
when he noticed they weren't going in the direction of the city.

How awesome are his folks, seriously?

I cried when I got back coz I was so touched T.T
so nice to have that family feeling after such a long time.

I miss my family :(

Oh wells, it was a really nice weekend,
and I loved everyone I met!

All's great and everything, 
but I've been doing too much of nothing,
and I would seriously have to hit the books,
starting tomorrow! :p

Friday, April 9, 2010

This overwhelming boredom.

I. am. so. bored.
I don't think I've said this since I was like, 9.
(until my brother came along for me to bully)

Ask my mom, she'll tell you 
I used to ALWAYS complain about being bored.

But for the past many years,
I've never had that problem 
coz I always had something to do,
someone to meet,
somewhere to go.

But not for the past couple of days.

In fact, we were so bored,
we go to Beeston everyday.
Just to walk through the aisles in Sainsbury's
to preserve our sanity
(and to pick up one or two items on offer!)

And I dunno if everyone gets this,
but I dream of things that happened in my day
either something significant that occurred,
or something that was in my mind for most of the day.

Last night, 
I dreamt that someone removed 
an ultra humongous pimple from my face,
all because I popped a whitehead earlier yesterday.

Popping a whitehead is the most significant thing I did yesterday. FML.

Also, I was so crazily bored,
and figured Abel liked Marmite so much,
that before I threw away my Marmite cereal bar box,
I made this:

Ultimately wuliao. =.=

Someone give me something to do please!